Terms & Conditions

Updated August 2021

Payment Schedule

All payments must be made using your online account via My Music Staff. We do not accept any other method of payment.

All lessons are managed by Orpheus Music Ltd, trading as The Music Works. Please note, payments on your bank statement will read Orpheus Music Ltd.
Payment will be collected via your online account on the 1st of each calendar month or the next working day should the 1st fall on a weekend or a public holiday. Payment is in advance of the lessons for the lessons due to be taught in the calendar month.
If payment is not received and no communication made with us, lessons will not be taught until payment is received. Missed lessons are still payable if notice has not been received before payment collection is attempted. We reserve the right to attempt collection on the 1st of any subsequent months until the payment due has been received in full.

Students that join us for lessons are committing to a weekly lesson on a set day/time. The teacher in return commits to be available for the customers lesson on this day/time, on a weekly basis. If a student is unable to attend the lesson for any reason, the lesson remains payable. However, we will endeavour to reschedule the lesson where possible, at the discretion of the teacher.

If a teacher is absent for any reason we will to catch up the missed lesson time, by either adding on to subsequent lessons (if the schedule allows) or by rescheduling the lesson to another day/time, in agreement with the customer.

Tuition fees are subject to change and are reviewed on an annual basis.


For lessons in our centres: Any absences or cancellations made by the student cannot be credited or refunded, as the Teacher is not contractually obligated to do so. However, The Music Works will make every effort to ensure that students catch up with the work missed and may provide catch up lessons, if possible, within the same calendar week. If a lesson cannot be rescheduled within the same week, the Teacher may be able to film video lesson content to be sent to the student.
For lessons in Partner schools: Due to the nature of lessons in schools, sometimes our teachers may not be able to deliver your child’s weekly lessons. This may happen due to school trips etc. This can be broken into four sections, for lessons missed:


  1. Due to teacher absence, illness etc – Missed lesson time may be added to future lessons to make up for time lost. If this cannot be done due to scheduling issues, we will attempt to reschedule the lesson to another day. If the lesson cannot be rescheduled, we will replace the lesson like-for-like using an appropriate substitute teacher. If no alternative can be arranged the lesson amount will be credited to the customer’s next monthly payment as default.

  2. Due to any events that impact on the schedule that we have no control over. E.g. schools trips, inset days etc – Your teacher will send video lesson content in replacement of the missed lesson. This will be designed to work with your child’s current lesson plans and will help to continue their weekly momentum, despite the missed face-to-face lesson time. 

  3. Due to student absence, E.g. absence from school due to illness – The lesson is missed and is payable.

  4. Due to School/Centre closure or year group isolation due to COVID-19. We will endeavour to move lessons directly to an online replacement, scheduled to the same day & time as the original lesson. If this cannot be delivered due to scheduling (i.e one school year is unavailable and the teacher is still delivering lessons at school that day), a video lesson will be sent as direct replacement.

We will always make best efforts to deliver every possible lesson, however sometimes events out of our control can get in the way. The system above has been set out to be as fair as possible between the student, the school and The Music Works. We want to make sure that customers receive great value for money and that students continue momentum with lessons as best as possible throughout the academic year.

Continuation of lessons is assumed for all customers, and we will continue to schedule lessons until notice is received in writing, via email. However, for lessons in our partner schools, it is assumed that all Y2 and Y6 students who are progressing to another school will not continue lessons unless we hear from you otherwise. There will be an opportunity for lessons to continue if your child is joining another of our Partner schools, please get in touch to arrange. Students can also continue lessons with us at one of our centres or online for afternoon/evening lessons.
Customers can cancel weekly lessons at any time. Any notice given must be in writing via email. The notice period is 4 lessons.

Cooling-Off Period

(a) The Student has a legal right to cancel this agreement under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 during the "cooling off period" set out in (b) below. This means that during that cooling off period, if the Student changes his/her mind or decides for any other reason that he/she does not want to receive the Lessons, the Student can notify the The Music Works of his/her decision to cancel the agreement and receive a refund for any Lessons paid for but not received prior to that cancellation.

b) The Student's cooling off period starts from the date of first payment and ends 14 days later. To cancel the agreement the Student should let the Teacher know that he/she has decided to cancel via email to contact@themusicworks.uk

Terms and conditions are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated to customers in writing via email.

Further Information
Lessons are delivered weekly in our centres and in our Partner schools, running over a 40 week academic year. The Music Works academic year matches the Surrey Council term dates and includes bank holidays. Please view your calendar on your My Music Staff online account to view your lesson dates.
Upon registration for weekly lesson customers will be sent log in information for their on-line account via My Music Staff. My Music Staff is the online hub were customers can view invoices, lesson notes and a calendar of their lessons.
Lessons at our Partner schools are during the school day, at the schools location. Lessons at our centres in Milford and Haslemere are scheduled 3.30pm-8pm.
Lessons offered in Partner schools are exclusively for groups. In exceptional circumstances a student may be offered a 1:1 lesson in school, however usually 1:1 lessons will be exclusively offered at our centres. Group lessons are also available at our centres.
Due to the nature of group lessons, if a student misses a lesson and the rest of the group is taught then no catch up will be provided. For example, three students in a group are available and one is not due to illness, then the lesson will be taught and no catch up will be made available. All students will however receive lesson notes from their teacher, so will have an opportunity to catch up before the next lesson.
Group lessons that have low numbers may be amalgamated with another group of a similar level or disbanded, at the discretion of The Music Works. If a student is unable to change groups, or is the last remaining member of the group, the student will be offered individual tuition at the group price rate for four lessons and then fees will increase to the individual tuition rate.
We reserve the right to move, cancel or combine classes as the need arises. Students will be contacted regarding this in good time.
The Music Works acknowledges its responsibility for the supervision of young students during lessons. The parent is responsible at all other times for lessons at our centres. The Partner school is responsible at all other times for lessons at local schools.
Course books are required for group lessons and are an additional cost, please view our store for up to date prices. For 1:1 lessons your teacher will recommend books as and when required.
Food and drink is not permitted in any classrooms. We reserve the right to exclude disruptive students. Any wilful damage will be charged for.  You are required to disclose any diagnosed medical or learning difficulty conditions to us in advance.
With any loud instrument students are advised to use suitable ear protection – both in lessons and when practicing.
Our centres are fully insured for public liability but please note that parking your car on any centre site is at your own risk. Please park respectfully and legally, avoiding pavement parking.
Force Majeure (war, civil war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, government action, fire, flood, severe weather conditions, pandemic or epidemic or any other matter that is beyond our control). We cannot be held liable if a lesson has to be cancelled due to Force Majeure. In this event we will endeavour to resume lessons as soon as possible.
We reserve the right to provide suitable vetted and qualified cover teachers on occasion.
All of our teachers are fully insured for public liability.
From time to time teachers may decide to leave us, meaning a replacement needs to be found. We reserve the right to change the teacher delivering lessons. We ask that you bear with any changes, as we know young students in particular are not keen on change. We strive to only work with excellent teachers and believe that after a few lessons there will be no issues!