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Playing the Keyboard is a truly magical experience that can bring a sense of joy and fulfilment to your life. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, learning to play the Keyboard can be a rewarding experience that enriches your life in so many ways. If you are looking for a way to learn how to play the Keyboard, The Music Works is here to help you achieve your musical goals and aspirations.

Although we typically begin group Keyboard lessons at 7 years and up, we do offer the excellent Yamaha Junior Music Course for young students aged between 4.5 years old and 6.5 years old. If you or your child would prefer private lessons, please see more information on private Piano lessons here.

The Music Works provides high-quality Keyboard lessons that cater to both private and group learners. We use the Rockschool syllabus for our private lessons and the Yamaha Play For Keeps course for our group lessons. These courses offer a wide range of learning opportunities that are designed to help you advance in your Keyboard playing journey.

The Yamaha Play For Keeps course is one of our signature courses that is open to everyone, regardless of their skill level. Our course is designed to provide a fun and rewarding learning experience that inspires students to reach their full potential. Our team of passionate and experienced instructors is committed to helping each student achieve their musical goals and aspirations.

The Yamaha Play For Keeps course covers everything you need to know to become a proficient Keyboard player and is delivered by a professional Keyboard teacher. Whether you need Keyboard Keyboard lessons for a beginner or you are an advanced player, our music school offers grades and leisure learning, as well as private or group lessons. Our practical sessions teach students how to improvise, giving them the ability to express their creativity and develop their unique soundscapes.

Our group lessons are particularly popular among our students as they offer a fun and social learning environment. Our Yamaha Play For Keeps course is designed to cater to all levels of Keyboard players, from beginners to advanced players. Our group lessons are perfect for those who want to learn how to play the Keyboard in a social setting and meet other like-minded individuals.

At The Music Works, we believe that learning how to play the Keyboard should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. That is why we have designed our courses to be fun, interactive, and engaging. We use a variety of teaching methods that cater to different learning styles and preferences. Our instructors are passionate about music and are committed to helping each student achieve their musical goals and aspirations.

For students studying Play For Keeps, we believe that a well-rounded music education is essential for any aspiring musician, regardless of their preferred genre or style. We offer comprehensive lessons in music theory and technique that will help students develop their skills in songwriting, arranging, and performance, as well as lay a strong foundation for future musical development.

Our course includes a diverse repertoire of pieces ranging from classical to contemporary music styles. We understand that everyone has their own unique musical preferences and interests, so we strive to provide a wide range of music that will appeal to all students. Whether you’re interested in Jazz, Rock & Roll, or modern pop music, we have something for you. Here’s just some of the classic songs you will learn in the first book!:

  • The Killers – Mr Brightside
  • Jessie J – Price Tag
  • George Ezra – Budapest
  • Keane – Somewhere Only We Know

This course is designed to benefit all types of learners, from hobbyists who want to improve their skills for personal enjoyment, to vocational learners who want to advance their Keyboard skills for career purposes.

At The Music Works, we believe that creativity is an essential component of learning. That’s why we provide creative teaching tools that help students develop their own unique style and sound. Our Yamaha-trained instructors deliver personalised Keyboard instruction tailored to each student’s learning objectives and pace, ensuring that every student receives the support and guidance they need to succeed.

We understand that every student has a unique set of goals and aspirations when it comes to learning to play the Keyboard. That’s why we take a personalised approach to teaching, considering each student’s experience and playing ability before creating a customised curriculum that meets their individual objectives.

Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to helping students achieve their desired learning outcomes. Whether you’re a beginner who has never touched a Keyboard before or an advanced player looking to refine your technique, we have a program that’s tailored to your needs.

For more experienced players, we also offer weekly Band Skills sessions, where students can learn how to play in a band with other like-minded individuals. Our bands have many opportunities to perform each year and due to this consistent exposure to improving on their instrument, students often excel when studying their instrument and band.

Our approach to Keyboard instruction is rooted in a student-centred philosophy of education. We believe that every student learns in a different way, and that the best way to promote learning outcomes is to tailor our teaching methods to everyone’s learning style.

To that end, we provide students with all the necessary tools to learn Keyboard playing, starting from the basics of posture and hand movement to reading sheet music and playing scales. As students’ progress through our curriculum, they also learn more complex Keyboard techniques like improvisation, composition, advanced harmony, and arrangement techniques.

If you are interested in taking our Play For Keeps course, we encourage you to contact us today to book your spot. Our instructors are available to answer any questions you may have and to help you determine if our course is the right fit for your learning needs and expectations. We look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals and becoming the best musician you can be.

Music lessons your kids will thank you for!

Be Creative!

Music lessons encourage creativity, while our students learn in a safe & friendly environment.

Be Social!

Learning an Instrument can help develop better social & language skills.

Be Academic!

Studies show improved numeracy and language skills go hand in hand with learning music.

Be Organised!

Learning music can help improve memory, develop self-discipline & focus.

Be Relaxed!

Learning music can help children develop better emotional management.

Be Yourself!

Learning music is fun and can help students find their place in the world.

Music lessons your kids will thank you for!

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Still not sure? Here's more info about The Music Works:

  • We have been delivering music lessons in our local area for over 12 years! Through industry experience and by making sure we work with some of the best music teachers in the area, we have grown to see hundreds of students every week for lessons.

  • We are a Yamaha Music School, which means only the best teachers can work with us. Teachers are fully vetted with the usual safety and rights checks (enhanced DBS child safeguarding etc) and are also interviewed by world leader Yamaha, to make doubly sure that they are great at what they do! Once they have passed the interview stage, they receive yearly training to make sure they continue being awesome.
  • We are a not-for-profit company that cares about our students. We want to see every student reach their full potential and are here to guide them if they need our help. If you need any guidance at any point, please get in touch.
  • Every student gets a chance to perform! Throughout the year we are a part of several large scale events, such as Haslemere Fringe, where we give our most promising students the opportunity to get valuable performance experience. You will also see us at smaller events, such as school summer fairs and discos, where we offer our services for free to help our local community. Students can join in with our open mic nights too!
  • Every student can learn how to be in a real, live band! We offer fantastic weekly Band Skills lessons at our Milford Centre and in several Partner schools, where students can learn the ins-and-outs of how to work well in a band setting. They will learn great songs, how to work in a team, build confidence and socialise with like-minded individuals. Every year our bands excel and join us on the biggest stages, where they perform to audiences of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. It really is incredibly valuable musical experience at such a young age!

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