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Be Creative!

Music lessons encourage creativity, while our students learn in a safe & friendly environment.

Be Organised!

Learning music can help improve memory, develop self-discipline & focus.

Be Social!

Learning an Instrument can help develop better social & language skills.

Be Relaxed!

Learning music can help children develop better emotional management.

Be Academic!

Studies show improved numeracy and language skills go hand in hand with learning music.

Be Yourself!

Learning music is fun and can help students find their place in the world.

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Keyboard Lessons in Haslemere

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Guitar Lessons in Haslemere

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Guitar Lessons In Godalming

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The Music Works has been making musicians, supporting the local community and providing live music events for over a decade.

The Music Works is primarily a community-focused, not-for-profit music education company that delivers face-to-face music lessons in two local music centres, to an ever-growing list of local schools and online. As a Yamaha Accredited Music School, all our group lesson teachers are trained to teach music to Yamaha’s world-renowned high standards using the Yamaha Method!

When it comes to learning music, The Music Works is the ULTIMATE destination for aspiring musicians of any level from beginner to intermediate it really doesn’t matter. Our friendly music teachers have years of experience in teaching a wide range of instruments and we pride ourselves on offering lessons that are both fun and effective.

At The Music Works, we believe that music is for everyone, helping you to build self-confidence, driving your social skills, and having fun is exactly what music lessons should be about. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced musician looking to further your skills, our team are here to help you achieve your goals. Offering both private and group lessons, there really is something available for everyone that wants to learn or further their skill sets.

For our private lessons, tuition is tailored to suit each individual student, with a focus on nurturing their love of music and helping them to develop their own unique sound. We offer flexible lesson times to fit around your schedule, and our friendly and inspiring approach to teaching means that you’ll always look forward to your next session.

For our group lessons, students follow excellent set courses with a little bit of bespoke thrown in. Learning in a group and at times working as a team, group lessons are a great way of learning at a steady pace while helping to develop their social skills. Creating lifelong friendships and learning whilst having fun means our lessons are always beneficial to self-esteem too

We understand that learning music can be a challenge, which is why we use a range of teaching methods to ensure that students receive the support they need to excel. Our music lessons are designed to be engaging and hands-on, with plenty of practical exercises to help students develop their own unique skills.

If you’re looking for the best possible start on your musical journey, The Music Works is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our tuition services and start your journey towards mastering your chosen instrument with confidence and all whilst having fun and enjoying it too. With a completely FREE lesson what do you have to lose? Start your journey with The Music Works today by clicking here.

1. Coming from Godalming, head South on the A3100 towards Milford, past the Inn On The Lake roundabout.

2. Pass under the railway bridge and continue South on the A3100.

3. Keep going, and eventually, you’ll see The Refectory pub and Tesco Express on your left.

4. Continue until you reach a roundabout and turn left onto Church Road.

5. Follow Church Road until you come to a roundabout, turn left onto Petworth Road.

6. Drive past the Petworth Road entrance to Rodborough school and take the next left onto Rake Lane.

7. Drive through the gates or buzz for entry if needed.

8. Drive straight and you will see The Music Works to your right.

1. From Haslemere train station, turn left and head East on Lower Street.

2. Turn left onto Tanners Lane.

3. Continue North-East on Tanners Lane, you will initially pass Town Meadow Playground on your right and further down the road you will pass Tanners Lane Car Park on your right.

4. Turn left onto Bridge Road and cross the brick bridge.

5. Immediately turn left onto Church Road.

6. Continue North on Church Road and at the bend, take your right onto Derby Road.

7. Continue North East on Derby Road, passing the first gated entrance of St Bartholomew’s Primary School on your left.

8. Enter the second gated entrance of St Bartholomew’s Primary School on your left.

9. In front of you will be a fence with a gate on the right side. The Music Works entrance is straight ahead from here.

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