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At The Music Works we offer comprehensive Piano lessons tailored to students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced pianist looking to enhance your skills, we are here to help you achieve your musical goals. Our Piano lessons are one-to-one lessons, but if you are interested in group lessons make sure to check out our Keyboard courses.

Our experienced Piano teachers are qualified and highly trained in providing guidance and instruction that is tailored to meet the students’ individual needs. We offer Piano lessons for children, teenagers, and adults, acknowledging that everyone has a unique learning style and pace.

We believe that everyone can learn to play the Piano, regardless of their age or skill level. Although we typically start private Piano from age 7 and up, we have the phenomenal Yamaha Junior Music Course available for students aged 4.5 years old to 6.5 years old.

A close-up of a young boy playing the piano, his hands gracefully moving across the keys. The room is dimly lit, with soft illumination highlighting her concentration.

Our teachers are committed to providing students with a flexible curriculum designed to keep them engaged and motivated. We offer comprehensive Piano classes that cover various topics such as music theory, aural perception, note-reading, and finger dexterity to enable students to develop their playing technique and become confident pianists.

At our music school, we offer various classes that cater to many processes, including traditional music, contemporary music, and classical music. Our classes are adequately structured, making it easy for students to learn according to their preferred pace and comfort level.

Our Piano lessons can cater to different goals, including graded certifications for students who aim to work towards gaining certifications and those who intend to learn for fun. Our experienced Piano teachers plan lessons based on the student’s objectives and work exclusively to help them attain their goals.

We encourage our students to participate in Piano recitals and other music events, as they provide an opportunity for our students to showcase their skills and grow in their confidence while sharing the love of music with others.

We have also partnered with Rockschool, which is an internationally recognised certification body that promotes the development of musical talents across the world using graded exams. Our music school is a registered Rock School centre, and we host Rockschool Piano exams regularly.

We understand that every student is unique, and we tailor our private Piano lessons to meet their individual needs. Our experienced teachers use innovative teaching methods that match the student’s aptitude, allowing every student to learn in the best possible way. We encourage our students to develop their creativity, style, and individuality while enjoying the fun of playing the Piano. Whether you want to learn classical Piano or contemporary Piano, we can help!

Our Piano lessons are results-orientated, regardless of the students’ level of proficiency. We believe that every student has the potential to learn to play the Piano, and our experienced Piano teachers are eager to work with students of all skill levels to help them achieve their musical potential.

Our music school has dedicated Piano tutors who offer private Piano lessons designed to meet the student’s individual needs. Private Piano lessons ensure that the teacher dedicates their undivided attention to the student, enabling them to progress faster and gain more confidence in their playing.

In addition to children’s Piano lessons, our music school offers adult Piano lessons. We have created a learning environment that suits the busy schedules of adults, enabling them to learn the Piano at their leisure with personalised lessons that meet their specific needs and goals. Whether you need beginner Piano lessons or have a musical education already, we can take your Piano skills to the next level.

For more experienced players, we also offer weekly Band Skills sessions, where students can learn how to play in a band with other like-minded individuals. Our bands have many opportunities to perform each year and due to this consistent exposure to improving on their instrument, students often excel when studying their instrument and band.

At our music school, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality learning experience in an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere. Our dedicated educators are passionate about music and strive to offer high-quality Piano lessons that build students’ confidence, skills, and love for music.

Our music school offers a diverse range of Piano lessons in different class sizes, depending on your preferences and goals. To get started with our Piano lessons, all you need is an instrument, and we will provide you with the rest. Our Piano lessons are perfect for beginners, experienced players who want to refine their skills or students looking for graded certification and Rockschool certifications.

Music lessons your kids will thank you for!

Be Creative!

Music lessons encourage creativity, while our students learn in a safe & friendly environment.

Be Social!

Learning an Instrument can help develop better social & language skills.

Be Academic!

Studies show improved numeracy and language skills go hand in hand with learning music.

Be Organised!

Learning music can help improve memory, develop self-discipline & focus.

Be Relaxed!

Learning music can help children develop better emotional management.

Be Yourself!

Learning music is fun and can help students find their place in the world.

Music lessons your kids will thank you for!

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Still not sure? Here's more info about The Music Works:

  • We have been delivering music lessons in our local area for over 12 years! Through industry experience and by making sure we work with some of the best music teachers in the area, we have grown to see hundreds of students every week for lessons.

  • We are a Yamaha Music School, which means only the best teachers can work with us. Teachers are fully vetted with the usual safety and rights checks (enhanced DBS child safeguarding etc) and are also interviewed by world leader Yamaha, to make doubly sure that they are great at what they do! Once they have passed the interview stage, they receive yearly training to make sure they continue being awesome.
  • We are a not-for-profit company that cares about our students. We want to see every student reach their full potential and are here to guide them if they need our help. If you need any guidance at any point, please get in touch.
  • Every student gets a chance to perform! Throughout the year we are a part of several large scale events, such as Haslemere Fringe, where we give our most promising students the opportunity to get valuable performance experience. You will also see us at smaller events, such as school summer fairs and discos, where we offer our services for free to help our local community. Students can join in with our open mic nights too!
  • Every student can learn how to be in a real, live band! We offer fantastic weekly Band Skills lessons at our Milford Centre and in several Partner schools, where students can learn the ins-and-outs of how to work well in a band setting. They will learn great songs, how to work in a team, build confidence and socialise with like-minded individuals. Every year our bands excel and join us on the biggest stages, where they perform to audiences of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. It really is incredibly valuable musical experience at such a young age!

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