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What Is 'The Yamaha Method'?

Traditional Flipped

The Yamaha Method flips traditional music education, which more often than not teaches students how to read before they can play an instrument. Did you learn a classical instrument as a child and found it hard to get started? Well this method makes it much, much easier to start learning an instrument and sound good! Think of it as learning a language in a more conversational style, rather than grammatical.

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Why Learn In A Yamaha Music School?

Yamaha's method cultivates musical ability, creativity, and a love of music. Students learn to hear, play, read, understand, and appreciate every aspect of music. As they advance, children study performance, improvisation and composition. For adults, the Yamaha Method offers a relaxing environment enabling them to realise their life long dream of learning to play a musical instrument. This learning approach is modelled on the natural listen-copy approach that all parents use, worldwide, to teach their children to speak.

All courses are full musicianship courses and students will learn to read and write music, take exams (grade 1-8) and thoroughly enjoy this unique musical experience. The Music Works is an accredited exam centre for all exams and our results speak for themselves. 


Over 6,000,000 students around the world have studied at Yamaha Music Schools. Based on 50 years of experience, Yamaha Music School graduates include millions of music makers, teachers, performers, and professionals worldwide. The approach and the student textbooks and materials are widely regarded by educators as the best available.

High Quality

People in 40 countries around the world enjoy their lessons at Yamaha Music School! Based on cutting edge know how, Yamaha’s curriculum introduces people age 3 to 99 to music in group lessons with their friends, where through age appropriate activities, images, songs and experiences they develop a love of music. Inspiring private lessons are also an important part of Yamaha’s curriculum.

It's Fun!

The Yamaha Method of teaching music differs from the traditional method, where students are expected to read, then play. Yamaha does this in reverse, with listening first, then repeating, then playing and then reading. Just how you would learn any other language, which works very well!

Proven Track Record

The Yamaha Method has been designed for group lessons and passes information from teacher to student very quickly and effectively, while keeping all interactions within the lesson as musical as possible. Students learn everything needed to be well-rounded musicians, from technique to aural training.

Courses have been designed for young students with the Junior Music Course and for older students with Drums, Guitar and Keyboard (which cover grades 1-8 on each instrument). Students who continue throughout the course and reach grade 8 are of exceptional standard and easily good enough to be professional musicians. Grades 6-8 also carry UCAS points that can be of benefit when teenagers are applying for further education.

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