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Buy the Yamaha Guitar Encounters course book

Yamaha Guitar Encounters

Grades 1-8 Available



Study using the world-famous Yamaha Method, utilising decades of education experience to get the most out of your music lessons from the very first lesson!

So what's in Grade 1 I hear you ask? Well, using Yamaha's latest iteration of the world renowned Yamaha Guitar Encounters course students will learn classic songs such as:

Knockin’ On Heavens Door
Back In Black
Livin’ On A Prayer
Sad But True
Gimme Some Lovin’
Losing My Religion
Johnny B. Goode
Dude Looks Like A Lady
Whole Lotta Rosie

Including a USB stick with backing tracks for every song, there are also many purpose written songs and exercises to help teach chords, scales and music theory knowledge. Honestly, this book is stuffed full of great content!

The course covers all-round general musicianship, so students will also learn how to read tab and standard notation over time while learning contemporary repertoire. The Yamaha method of music tuition is very effective and is essentially the opposite of traditional music education, where we learn to read, then play, then listen. The Yamaha method teaches music like a language, so we learn by listening, playing and then reading.

The Yamaha grade 1-8 syllabus has been accredited by RSL Awards (Rockschool) and when followed through up to grade 8, creates very technically able guitarists with a firm grasp of everything that makes a jobbing musician. Grades 6-8 are worth up to 30 UCAS points.

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