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Would you like to spread the joy of music lessons to family or friends? You can purchase gift vouchers to have lessons at our music centres!

A great way to introduce someone to lessons or to get someone back on track after having a break!


The Music Works is an education provider and due to this we are unable to sell any instruments or course books to customers who are not current students. This is common practice for any Yamaha Music School and this store has been designed with this in mind.

When you are ready to order please select the 'order now' now button on any product and this will take you to an order form that you can fill out. Once your form has been submitted we will receive an email with your order and add it to your online account, where payment can then be collected.


Due to expense and storage we do not currently stock any other instruments other than Ukuleles. If you would like guidance on what instrument to purchase please ask your teacher for guidance or get in touch with us and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

It is common that students join us for lessons initially without access to an instrument for practice between lessons. Although this is common we highly recommend that students use an instrument for weekly practice as early as possible into their musical journey, as unfortunately if they are not able to practice they will most likely not progress and may lose interest.

There are great options for beginner instruments at most music stores and online, in particular the entry-level Yamaha Guitars and Keyboard are outstanding value for money and do not compromise on quality. We live by this and even use them for our students at our music centres in Milford & Haslemere!

Drums can be difficult to get started on though and our lead Drum tutor Quilly has made a great video to help students practice drums without a drum kit to help you get started!

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