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Best music lessons available schools in Surrey, UK

We are committed to supporting schools in our local area in the best way we can, by supplying great music lessons at a very affordable price with the best teachers in the area. By helping students with their musical education at a young age we can help them fulfil their potential, as studies consistently show that music lessons can help:

  • Increase potential IQ as an adultWho wouldn't want to be like Einstein or Hawkins!?

  • Develop reasoning schools. Critical thinking for the win!

  • Build language skillsMusic is one of the few truly universal languages.

  • Develop disciplineWe all need help putting down that last doughnut, music lessons can help!

  • Support muscle development and coordination. Dream big here. Surgeons need excellent dexterity.

  • Improve social skillsThere's a reason that musicians have a stereotype for being social! With great power comes great responsibility.

  • Build self-esteemRepeating something means you improve and improvement brings confidence in what you are doing.

  • Reduce stressWhether listening to music or playing an instrument, it helps lower blood pressure and heart rate.

As part of our commitment to our local Partner schools we equip each school with music equipment for lessons, meaning students do not need to bring an instrument to school to learn. Sometimes we have even helped schools by building a music room for them!

Lessons are currently available in 10 schools in the local area. Is your school not listed? Not a problem! We would be delighted to hear from you about how we can help!:

  • Boxgrove Primary School Guildford

  • Busbridge Junior C of E Junior School Godalming

  • Chandler C of E Junior School Witley

  • Cranleigh C of E Primary School Cranleigh

  • Godalming Junior School Godalming

  • Grayswood C of E Primary School Grayswood

  • Milford School Milford

  • Rodborough School Milford

  • Shalford Infant School Guildford

  • St Bartholomew's C of E Primary School Haslemere

  • St James' C of E Primary School Elstead

  • St Mary's C of E Infant School Shackleford

  • The Holme Primary School Headley

  • Waverley Abbey C of E Junior School Tilford

For more information regarding school lessons, please view our FAQ here

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Meet one of our amazing teachers!




Available for Drums, Guitar, Keyboard & Ukulele

In Local Partner Schools




Only available in exceptional circumstances, due to scheduling restrictions

In Local Partner Schools


Not sure about studying at one of our Partner schools? We have other options!

Music lessons in Milford, Surrey
Music lessons in Haslemere, Surrey
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