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Think You’re Too Old to Start Music Lessons? Think Again!

Updated: Jul 6

You are never too old to learn music. Many people are too embarrassed to even try to sing (other than in the shower of course!), but really everyone should give it a go! Many famous, talented artists don't have perfect voices…. or ever hit outrageous high or low notes. Their voices or style make them unique, and if you learn to carry a tune with the help of a singing teacher, any voice can sound great.

Your voice is a unique instrument; no one else can sound exactly like you and if you embrace it, nothing will hold you back!

Why Start Singing?

The positive health effects of singing have been well researched, and you are never too old to learn music to reap the benefits. Singing strengthens the immune system, increases lung and heart function and reduces anxiety and stress in both children and adults.

Singing can also help build confidence, improve your memory and releases endorphins, making you feel energised and uplifted!

Smiling woman singing into a microphone
Image by Slim Emcee

How Difficult Is It to Learn as An Adult?

Anybody can learn to sing and what’s more, we all have the instrument in-built and ready to be used - no need to pop to the music shop and spend £££'s! We’ll say it again, you’re never too old to learn music!

If you’ve ever sang in the shower, hummed along to your favourite song on the radio, or attempted to sing the vocals of Bohemian Rhapsody, then you are a singer!

The muscles you use to talk on the phone, call the dog with or laugh out loud at someone’s joke with, are the same as the ones famous singers use – it’s all about being taught how to use them. You can join one of our amazing singing teachers now for a free singing lesson!

1:1 Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are the best way to learn such an excellent craft! Our singing lessons are available at our music centres in Godalming & Haslemere (Surrey, UK), in local schools and online. They are a great way for beginners, kids and adults to be musical and all abilities and ages are welcome.

Whether you are looking to learn all about the mechanics of singing via a singing teacher, gain qualifications or learn songs just for fun, singing lessons can help develop control over your voice so that you can be more confident no matter the situation.

Prefer to Sing in A Group?

Not sure if you want singing lessons or 1:1 lessons with a singing teacher? Then maybe singing in a community choir is the right fit for you!

When you sing with others, you’re likely to feel the same kind of camaraderie and bonding similar to what players in team sports experience. Singing in a community choir offers a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves, a sense of community.

Singing in a community choir also boosts your social life and spending time with likeminded people creates a fun and uplifting atmosphere. We are sure you will be in awe of the sound a group of singers can create – it gives you goosebumps!

Why not join our ‘Voices’ Community Choir?

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