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We have been making musicians for over a decade!

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Over the years we have taught 1000's of musicians, of all abilities and ages, everything they need to be fantastic musicians. Some have joined us to gain qualifications during their music lessons, others to learn for fun and some to help with mental and physical wellbeing. Whether it is an aspiration to become a professional musician or to play songs with friends and family, we can help you reach your dreams. We deliver music lessons for toddlers, music lessons for kids and music lessons for adults. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Students can learn one-on-one, in groups or online in our music lessons. All of our teachers are professional musicians, with high qualifications in their craft and/or relevant industry experience. All group lesson teachers are trained by Yamaha to deliver great weekly lessons using The Yamaha Method, a tried and tested way of delivering musical information to students in an easy to understand and musically effective way.

Music lessons are available in our Centres, in local Partner schools or online. So wherever you are, we can help you achieve your goals!

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Join us for a free, no obligation music lesson!

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