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Login to your My Music Staff account to access your weekly lesson notes, calendar and invoices!

Need some help getting comfortable with My Music Staff? Below you will find a collection of guides to help you get started!


MMS Guide

Getting Started

First step is to login to your account using the login form above! When you first sign up for a free taster lesson you will have received and a welcome email with information about setting up your online account (please check spam if not in your inbox).

If you have not received this email please get in touch and we can resend to help get you started!

Adding A Card For Lesson Payment

Check out the image below for a guide on how to add a card to your online account for easy payment of lessons. If your card expires at any time you can do this again and add another card.

How to Add a Card for Payment

Sync Your Lessons To Your Calendar

Check out the image below for a guide on how to sync your calendar to your device. This can be a great way to keep on top of when your lessons are and can save you time from logging into your account to see your lesson schedule.

How to Sync Your Calendar to Your Device

Add A Shortcut To Your Device (Like An App!)

Check out one of the images below for a guide on how add a button to your home screen for easy access to your online account. This takes less than a minute to set up but makes it very simple for students to access their lesson notes, log their practice for the week and upload videos.

How to Add the Portal to Your Android De
How to Add the Portal to Your Apple Devi

Log Your Practice Time

Check out the image below for a guide on how to log your practice time. This can help your teacher understand and guide how you can better your practice throughout the week!

How to Add Practice Time

How To Use The Practice Timer

Check out the image below for a guide on how to use the practice timer for the best results.

How to Use the Practice Timer

How To Upload Video To Your Online Account

Check out the image below for a guide on how to upload video o your online account. This is a fantastic way to get feedback from your teacher between lessons on particularly tricky techniques or songs, or to show us how great your practice is going. The best videos are put forward for the Student Spotlight! (with your consent of course)

How to Upload Files to the Portal

Not found the answer you're looking for? Get in touch and we will be happy to help!

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