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Check out your FREE piano lesson below!
This is a short example of the great lessons you can enjoy when joining us for weekly lessons!
Too difficult? Or too easy?? Make sure to sign up for a free piano lesson so we can tailor the experience to your ability!
Heard everything you need to join us for a real lesson!?:
  • Available in person at our Centres in Milford & Haslemere (Surrey, UK) or in our local partner schools
  • The taster lesson is completely free and with no obligation to continue, try us before you commit!
  • We have helped 1000's of students achieve their goals!
  • All ages and abilities welcome
  • Annual performance opportunities, ranging from large scale festivals, to open mic nights and our online 'Student Spotlight'!
Join one of our amazing teachers for a free, no obligation taster lesson!
Have a question about our lessons? check out our Frequently Asked Questions or Get In Touch!
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Still not sure!? Here's some more reasons to join us for a free piano lesson:
  • Countless studies have shown consistently that learning music has an overall effect on a child's intelligence (here's one and here's a news article about the study)
  • Adult's can benefit from a reduction in stress and lower blood pressure, among other things!
  • Increases memory capacity and mood
  • Improve motor skills
  • Develop discipline and appreciation! There's no feeling quite like mastering that hard to learn part
  • Socialise! Music is a social affair. Play in bands, duos or solo at gigs or your mate's garage!
  • Gives insight into other cultures. Pop music wouldn't exist without Blues and the history of Blues highlights social issues that are worth knowing about (this is just one example of thousands of important threads!)
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