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We are active in our local community, where we help with everything 'music' and 'education'! From staging large-scale live events that help with charity fundraising, to equipping schools with music equipment (and sometimes even building complete music rooms!), to funding bursary lessons for those that need it most. Our goal is 'Music For All'.

Our community is so important to us and we have expanded this to online, so anyone in the world can join us on their musical journey! We want to hear from you and want to help you be the musician you want to be, we want you to meet other musicians and form lifelong friendships, we want to be part of something bigger than one person and be a positive force in our local and the global community.

We post as often as possible about all things 'music' and 'education'. Choose your preferred app or enjoy the blog below and join us in the conversation!

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Why join a community you may ask? Community is hugely important to us as people and although you may not realise it, it has an enormous affect on our wellbeing. We are after all social creatures!

Here's a simplified top 5 reasons to get involved in the community:

  1. Encouragement - Help others on their journey. Be a positive influence on the journey of others

  2. Support - Get help from others when you need it. Learning an instrument can be difficult and support from others can help

  3. Challenges - Friendly challenges are a great way to improve on your instrument! Help one another improve

  4. Accomplishment - Share your successes and be congratulated on your hard work. Great for building self-esteem

  5. Praise - Congratulate others on their achievements and help build confidence

We have been so fortunate to be a part of an amazing community in our local area, where we can be a positive force and support and entertain people with music. Now anyone can join us on this journey from around the world!